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Hi, I’m Edward.
Welcome to Beyond The Camera Shutter.

I’m a photographer in my spare time and this blog is a place to talk about things going on in my life. During the day I’m a Web Developer and Marketing Manager for a great little company in Lincoln connected to the motor industry. Out of hours I’m into all sorts of things including photography, travel, fanfiction, golf, MotoGP, reading, and video games.

Prints & Wall Art

I have a shop online where I retail my prints and wall art to the world. It’s a real treat to turn my photography into something real and have it compliment someone’s living space. You can visit my shop here: www.pixelgloprints.com

Prints & Wall Art on my Etsy Shop

Interests & Travel

When I’m not taking pictures I enjoy writing about lots of things including photography, and have also written some fan fictions.

I’m into running, hiking, and going to the gym. I listen to audio books. I enjoy TV shows like House of Cards, The Big Bang Theory, Castle, Firefly, and the Walking Dead.  I’m also really into Star Wars and all things Sci-Fi.

I’ve been very fortunate to visit many amazing cities in this world including New York, Quebec, London, Berlin, and Tokyo, and have so many yet to explore.

Me being placed under arrest by Imperial Storm Troopers.

Contact & Connect

To get in touch, please email me at pixelglo_photography@gmail.com or connect with me on the following social media channels:

Pixelglo Photography Facebook   Edward Langley on Twitter   Edward Langley on Instagram   Beyond The Camera Shutter on Bloglovin

Face To Face With A Prancing Horse, by Pixelglo Photography

Thanks for visiting.

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